Friday, May 14, 2010

A Distant Rumble

There is something about the rain in the springtime that is different than brisk autumn rain (so invigorating!), or cutting winter rain (makes me want to burrow deeper into the blankets and snuggle down with a book and a cup of hot tea), or steady late summer rain (when the air feels so thick and heavy and it makes it hard to breathe), spring rain is much more dramatic. Cold air and hot air vie for dominance, thunder cracks sharp in the unsettled air, low rumbles shake the house menacingly, and the rain comes in starts and stops, creeping mists then driving bullets.

Spring rain is so much more uncertain. And apparently my mood is mirroring the weather lately...alternating between gray and still and vibrantly sunny. There are so many ideas rumbling around in my head that it makes it hard to act on just one thing. I am rather waiting for the shocking crack that shakes the ground underfoot and enlightens everything around it. Some things are best left to brew I perk up my ears, listen closely to the rumblings, and occasionally crack the shades a bit to peek outside, but for now I am waiting out the storm.

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