Sunday, November 6, 2011


I wanted to let you know, I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth.  I have not been kidnapped masked marauders, nor have I ran off with some dashing Doctor in a little blue box.  No, I am working on a book.  My book.  I am taking a sabbatical to get all of the characters in my head down on paper.

I will be checking in, and posting updates.  I might even share snippets of scenes now and then.

But for those who have followed so faithfully...I did not want to leave you in limbo.  I kept meaning to post an update, but it just never seemed to happen.  First there was some emotional drama, then some health issues, then a sickly computer...and we DID have some earthquakes round my parts this weekend.  Both those are not "reasons" just excuses.  The actual "reason" is that my Muse has been gracious enough to visit and, like any good Hostess, I must entertain her while she graces me with her presence.

So, wish me luck, and check in when the feeling hits you.  I will be around...I promise!


Chris said...

I did wonder, Ginger. Glad you're ok and not runnoft with some guy pretending to be a doctor.

Best wishes to your Muse. Please ask her to visit me when you've done with her...

tinsenpup said...

Oh, the very best of luck to you! How wise you are to follow your muse while you have the chance.

Kristen said...

Good Luck! Entertain that muse!!! Although... I did think you fell off.... :)