Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Bit of Perspective

It has been a while. The older I get, the more I realize that it is wise to take a sabbatical from time to time. I needed to work some things out, to find some perspective.

It was a winter of cold seclusion. One storm after another seemed to rock the town in which I live, and my life mirrored this. So, in response, I battened down the hatches and tried my best to weather the storm. There is nothing like ice and snow falling outside to make one snuggle inside with their thoughts.

I am not sure if I actually have any more perspective than I did before, but I find myself wanting some company on this journey, and so I return--tentatively peeking out my head, quite like the daffodils in my garden.

I am struggling to find balance, like so many others. It seems like when I get one part of my life in balance, the rest of it goes askew. Then I readjust for that imbalance, and something else is neglected. Maybe that is the point, though. If nothing needed our attention, would we ever bother giving it?

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firespark said...

Oh, my ginger sister! We missed you! Glad you popped your head out. And I do hope the spring rains cleans your spirit and the awakening sun warms your bones. Here's to the strength of rebirth. Love you, honey!