Monday, August 10, 2009

These Strings that Tether Us

I have given a lot of thought lately to what it means to "give your word" to someone. A promise, a vow, an oath...the responsibility of it all. And then, if your word is broken...what is lost? Trust, respect, friendship, love...

How is it that some relationships can survive these breaks in their firmament, and others crumble? Honestly, I have no answers--just speculations. I am convinced that part of it must be convenience. It is certainly more convenient to turn a blind eye, ignore the "signs," and to simply let things continue. A passive response that allows one the visage of dignity and allows a family to stay together, however fractured, however false the facade.

But what about when one or the other of couple decide that they are no longer content to let things continue? What about when one decides that it is the truth or nothing? What about when it is no longer more convenient to allow things to continue as they are, even if that means tearing apart the seams of the relationship, allowing it to be tethered only by the strings that bind mother to child to husband?

Can trust be rediscovered? Can respect be resurrected? Can faith be rebuilt? No idea... But there is the possibility that the old promises, the ancient vows, can be renewed. Whether they can be honored this time around...I don't know.

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