Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today I Did Not Crash and Burn...

...which, by my own definition, makes it a "good" day.

I am trying to keep some perspective here, so bear with me while I ramble.

You see, I have this checklist, and if I answer more than three of these questions as a "no" then I have to proclaim it to be a "Good Day."  Grab some paper and a pen (or pencil, I am not picky) and answer along with me:

  1. Did anyone I know and love (or at least like) die?  (This can include animals, if you are so inclined, as I am.)
  2. Did a major appliance or vehicle catch fire or become otherwise unusable?
  3. Did my major source of income dry up or otherwise become unavailable to me?
  4. Is there a major draught or famine that is affecting my ability to feed my family?
  5. Did I lose a limb or major organ which cannot be rectified by the "miracle of modern science"?

So, even though my son had to have ten (yes, TEN!) vials of blood drawn to check for a plethora of scary medical issues that might be causing his "heart pain" (as he describes it), and even though my roof is still not fixed, and even though I worry about cars, and bills, and insurance coverage matters, and taking time off for doctors' appointments, and all those other things that seem to be attacking me...I guess it is still a good day.

No one died (knocking on wood), no one has called about any fires or other major appliance meltdowns (still knocking), my husband and I are both still employed (knock, knock...do you see a theme here?), we have food in the fridge, and all my limbs and major organs are all accounted for...so see, all is (basically) well.  (I am going to cease knocking now.)

They won't have the bloodwork back on my son until late this week, and I will let you know as we find out more.  Until then, I welcome any prayers, positive energy, good vibes, blessed intentions, or anything else that might fortify us in the meantime.

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firespark said...

Love, love, love to you and yours. I hate that these things run in families... it ups the chances that once it starts raining, it'll soon be pouring. :( But your little man has you to guard him and make sure he has what he needs, so I KNOW (for a verified fact)that he's in capable hands. Cheers, my dear friend. Every little thing is gonna' be all right.