Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There are days when everything shifts.  Your world spins on its axis, and you hang on…unsure when it will stop or how long you can defy the centrifugal force and remain standing.  Sometimes it is a phone call, a letter, or an email.  It might be a knock at the door late at night.  Perhaps a left turn when you so clearly should have chosen right. 

It doesn’t really matter what the thing is; the point is that it is sufficient to take your breath away.  The point is that you have to keep breathing. 

Life does not stop after we are dealt such a blow; bills still have to be paid, children need to be fed; kittens still mew at your feet; laundry does not wash itself…

You still have to eat, try to sleep…and retain your strength; because you will need it.  It is hard work holding together a shattered world.  It is hard work sorting through thoughts.  It is hard work maintaining some normalcy while finding your footing. 

And breathe.  For the sake of all that is good in this world, remember to breathe.  Deep breaths, nausea quelling breaths, tear allaying breaths.  Definitely breathe.

Drink tea.  Lots of tea…whatever kind you prefer, it does not matter.  A good Doctor once said, “Tea!  That's all I needed!  Good cup of tea!  Super-heated infusion of free-radicals and tannin, just the thing for healing the synapses.”  Whether it is true or not, it made me smile, so I am including here, in case it makes someone else smile.  And I do like a nice cuppa.

There are days when words seem to have no meaning anymore, or perhaps their meanings have simply shifted beyond recognition, and you no longer know what to think, how to interpret.  Days when the words seem to jumble and shout and echo long after they were actually spoken.  Words that haunt.

Everyone has at least one of these days, at some time or another.  Today is my day.  Today is my day to muddle through somehow.  Today is my day to curl up with a cuppa.  Soon, it will be my night to lie in bed and stare into the dark. 


firespark said...

I hope your tea is strong and your night is restful (even if it means taking Benedryl or the like to send you off soundly). The good Doctor always knows best. I wish we had a quiet evening so we could just drink our tea on your front porch and watch the autumn roll in. Something soothing and hopeful, to chase the nightmares away. I hope you find something to soothe you tonight, my friend.

Tricia said...

I can not tell you how MUCH I can identify with these words. I've been through a few periods like these in my life... a couple of them just in last 8 months. Drink that tea. Tell the good friends in your life you need them, when you need them and how you need them, and if you get turned down by one, ask the next on your list. Someone will always be there. Keep asking. Be gentle with yourself, even if you pissed yourself the hell off. Hug your children until they say, "Gah, Mom!" then hug them some more. Feed yourself as best as you can, and when you can't, ask someone to cook for you exactly what you need. Drink that tea. And keep breathing. <3 to you.

Chris said...

Wow, hope you're ok Ginger. You're having some day there.

Maybe a little something in your tea tonight will help ease it all away...

...tomorrow will be better.

GingerGirl said...

Thanks for the support! No sign of letting up, yet, so keep all your well-wishes coming. They are helping me keep my head above water right now. Strange how just a few kind words can be enough to help me find some sort of footing and get a better grip before things start imploding again. And yet it is so. For this...for you all...I am grateful.

Calling Ravens said...

Don't forget the 12 Jammie Dodgers and A FEZ!!

GingerGirl said...

Fez's are cool.

G. Harrison said...

Thanks for your visit and comment at It Strikes, GingerGirl.

re jeans at $4.97.

wow, I haven't found jeans for under five dollars for many years... go get them, quick!

no need to worry about spelling on my account, even though I'm a retired teacher. I have two or three readers of my weekly column who write me whenever they spot an error... they helped me develop an "I'm not going to worry about it anymore" attitude. Besides, the 'h' is right next door to the 'j'. See how close you were?

time for tea and a sit on the porch.