Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Big Questions

The past few weeks have been exhausting.  Among the questions my kids (ages 6, 7, and 9) have decided to inflict on me ask are:

  1. Who made God?
  2. But if God didn't die, how did He get to heaven?
  3. Why are you putting on make-up?  It's's not like you're going to work where they care if you are pretty...
  4. What's vaginal discharge?
  5. Can we talk more about puberty?
Let me warn you, for some reason my oldest is very interested in the concept of puberty.  She had asked when it started, and I told her that it was probably starting about now, but that it was a process, blah, blah.  We talked about all of the different change that take place with your body.  I tried to be relaxed, and approachable, and really, really cool about it all.  I was rather proud of myself for how well I handled it all.

The next morning, she went up to her younger brother, raised her arm high, stuck her arm pit in his face and exclaim, "Hey, smell me...I'm going through puberty.

Um, right.

This got my youngest asking me when HE would go through puberty.  (Mind you, he has not even lost a baby tooth yet...another source of angst for him...and another recurring question.)

     6.  Mom, how come I never lose any teeth?  Does the Tooth Fairy hate me or something?

Yes, these are the big questions that have been tormenting me lately.  Actually, there is one more...

     7.  Mama, you cry every time you watch the planes hit the buildings on T.V., so why do you keep       watching it?

I pull them close around me, (while my middle child runs to get me a box of Kleenex) and we talk again about the fact that life can be uncertain, and people can be cruel...but that people can also be amazing, and brave, and strong, and so very, very WORTH remembering.

Department of Defense photo

We talk about the people who died, both those caught unaware and those who saw Death coming and stared it down until the end.  We talk about the brave first responders who ran INTO the building...when everyone else tried to valiantly to get out.

Inevitably, this leads to one more question...

     8.  Mama, if something like that happened here, would Daddy have to run in?  Would Uncle Boo have to run in?

The answer is yes.  And maybe that is part of the reason for the tears...


firespark said...

Yowzers, those are some heavy (and confounding) questions! Your kids always crack me up. :)

I understand the tears. 9/11 always hits hard, and when you know your loved ones would have been the first ones there if it happened in YOUR town... there are no words for how that must feel.

Chris said...

I think some questions (like 9/11) are impossible to answer - period.

God created the internet and the discovery channel to stick kids in front of for hours and hours each day, just so we no longer have to answer questions like these;-)

GingerGirl said...

Chris, I agree. There are no good answers for some things. (And we ARE rather fond of the Discovery Channel at my house! :)

I heard some experts saying that we should not let our kids watch 911 stuff because it will traumatize them too, much. Crap, yet another thing I have done "wrong."

Kristen said...

I have missed you like - a ton! And I finally get over here - to the post that touches my heart in every way! I swear.. give my kids a few years - and they will be your kids. And I'm the same way with 9/11. I just changed my personal profile picture on FB. I wrote something over the picture... about not forgetting. not taking things for granted. And - I remember thinking - people probably just think "whatever..." - but I really meant those words from the bottom of my heart.

question 8 - kills me. love - from one momma to another.